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Behind the Scenes at North Point Church!

Here's all that's happening this week at NPC!

Good Afternoon NPC Family!

In these times of Covid, riots, violent protests and peaceful protests I am reminded that we are called to LOVE one another to be wise and to stand firm in our faith. Pray for our community, for our world, bring peace and love in all you do.  I hope you enjoy this week's Behind The Scenes!

Point people to God, Point people to Jesus and Point people to community. 

Volunteer Spotlight

This week’s volunteer in the spotlight is...Eric Powles!

Eric has been coming to North Point for about 6 years! He serves faithfully in NPC Ministries including PADS and NPC Kids as well as he is a leader at My Fathers Business(MFB) which is a local not for profit organization with a mission to engage with the youth in our community and guide them into becoming better versions of themselves, planting seeds and sharing the love of Jesus. Eric has a heart and passion for community and for our youth. He says what he loves most about serving our youth is watching them learn, shining positive light into their lives and showing the love of Jesus to them through teaching them, guiding them and simply letting them know they are loved! When we asked Eric why he first chose NPC he said- “My family told me about NPC and encouraged me to give it a try, so one Sunday I decided to give it a shot. I remember listening to Tim’s sermon and tears started rolling down my face and just feeling God tell me this is my home. I absolutely love the way Tim breaks the Bible down in today’s perspective.”

Eric is not just a devoted servant he is an incredible friend to have, an AMAZING father, a coach for various sports and an overall fantastic dude! A fun fact about him is when he was little he thought he could catch bees with a fish net…he was stung 27 times and has since then never messed with bees again nor did he ever want to be a Beekeeper.

Eric, thank you so much for your dedication and loving our kids. You are an incredible steward of the gifts God has blessed you with and we are so lucky to have you as a part of the NPC family. We are excited to see where else God leads you on your serving journey! 

To see all the ways you can help out at the church, and to sign up to serve, please click HERE.

Reopening Plans!

Guess what? We are reopening... someday!

If you have been around North Point Church very long you know that the only constant is change. We try to remain flexible to move with what we need to do in any given situation. As with everything we do, our plan for reopening the church building is flexible and subject to change based on new information we gather almost on a daily basis.

Here are a few things to consider as we look to re-open the church building doors for our Weekend Services:

  • There is no right or wrong for reopening, so we have to ask, "Based on the information we have, what is the wise thing to do?"
  • Unity is key. More than anything, we are praying for our church to stay united in these increasingly polarized times. Remember, we want to build bridges and not walls!
  • Some people will think we're opening too early, others will think we're opening too late. We ask that you to give us grace and understanding in our reopening plan.
  • The reopen plan is contingent on Covid-19 cases dropping for two consecutive weeks in both Kenosha & Lake county. So this plan may change moving forward, but this gives us something to look forward to in the near future.



  • We encourage our members to invite friends/family to their homes for watching services and hanging out together -- as you feel comfortable. You can watch on Sunday mornings (9 & 10:45am) on Facebook when there is interaction and engagement with the services OR watch on our YouTube channel.
  • We will not have any in-person services during the month of June.



  • We encourage our members to invite friends/family to their homes for watching services and hanging out together -- as you feel comfortable. You can watch on Sunday mornings (9 & 10:45am) on Facebook when there is interaction and engagement with the services OR watch on our YouTube channel.
  • We will not have any in-person services during the month of July.



  • On Sunday, August 16, we will reopen our Weekends Services with a Celebration service at 9:00 AM. We will have more information as the time approaches. 
  • On Sunday, August 23, We will continue meeting every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM in the church building. In addition, our Weekend Services will continue to be online through Facebook and YouTube as they currently are.
  • We will not offer children's ministry, middle school, or high school programs during the Weekend Services, however there are many things planned for those age groups online for the entire moth of August. 
  • Children and students are welcome to join their parent(s) in the auditorium. 
  • Specific details on safety protocols and what to expect will be provided one week before the reopening.
  • We will continue to encourage our members who do not attend in the church building to invite friends/family to their homes for watching services and hanging out together. 



  • We will continue offering in-person services on Sunday mornings.
  • On Sunday, September 13th (the weekend after Labor Day), we will reopen in-person children and student ministry programs. This is assuming both the Kenosha & Zion-Benton Unified School Districts are open.
  • Specific details on safety protocols and what to expect will be provided one week before the reopening of our children and student ministry programs (middle school & high school).  
  • We will continue to encourage our members who do not attend weekly in-person services to invite friends/family to their homes for watching services and hanging out together.

Upcoming Events



Stop by NPC Thursday between 4 & 6pm to receive “Church in a Bag” OR to receive prayer from one of our Leaders. Your bag will include the weekly bulletin, communion pack, donation envelope, communication card, Family Life info for all students and Life Group questions. AND... you will receive some cool North Point swag for everyone in your family just for stopping by.

When you arrive, drive up to the front doors, stay in your car, and when someone comes out to meet you, just say the magic words, based on what you'd like: BAG, SWAG, and/or PRAYER!  


Our Director of Connections Shannon Hein along with her husband Kevin invite you into their home every THURSDAY Night by joining them LIVE on Facebook at 7pm. Every week they do a challenge(viewers choice) and discuss our Life Group questions of the week. Join them this week, interact with them, say hello and if for nothing else to watch Kevin's facial expressions, these 2 are a hoot!


This week. with all the major events taking place around the world Tim is going to tackle these critical issues and how we as Christians and as the church should respond.

Sunday you can simply go to at 9 or 10:45am to be a part of one of our "live" services, or go to at any other time.


NPC Kids Lessons are on YouTube! Each week there is a new lesson that is structured just like it is when we are in the building. Memory verses and past and future lessons will all be posted there. Be sure to check these out, as your children need their cups filled too! Go to and subscribe TODAY to their YouTube channel.


This one is for YOU kids! Your NPC Kids Staff misses you so much. So we thought of a fun way to connect with you during this time. On Sunday, June 7th at 10:30am we will be having a zoom call filled with hellos, games, and total FUN! Until we can all see our friends on this call, just hang tight! Remember that Jesus loves you and so do we! We are SO EXCITED.



We all have seen how this pandemic has kicked down the opportunities for our students and kids, especially our graduates.

In lieu of this, NPC has decided to make the best grad party we can think of! On June 13, you and your family are invited to our very own drive-thru graduation party parade! We will be driving through the Winthrop Harbor area and Kenosha to 13 of our graduates! Join us as we decorate your cars in the coolest fashion and meet at the church building at 11am. From there, we will follow the same route and drop off gifts and cards to our graduates!

Can't join us, send or drop off grad cards or $5 gift cards at NPC's building at Drive-Thru Church any Thursday from 4-6pm.

For a list of our 2020 grads and the parade route, email our Family Director, Bree, at


We are so excited for VBS this year! Things will look a little bit different, but the same fun is still going to be there! Save the date for August 10- 13 for our Focus VBS! Be on the lookout for more details to come.


Join us for our next Starting Point THIS Sunday, June 7th at noon. We will meet LIVE via ZOOM. If you have never attended Starting Point or have not been in the last year, NOW is the time, and you get to do it all from the comfort of your own home!

This is a time to discover who we are, what we believe, meet the Pastors, Leaders, and staff and answer any questions you may have.

Please RSVP by clicking HERE or emailing us at 


Our Life Groups are STILL MEETING TOGETHER in their small group setting, we are encouraging our Life Groups to meet in their homes beginning June 1st to watch weekend services together, pray together, worship together and do communion TOGETHER and BE THE CHURCH TOGETHER.  Just because the church "building" remains closed does not mean the "Church" is closed. Social distancing can be hard and we don't want anyone to feel alone or isolated at this time. We highly encourage you to join a Life Group and use this time to build community with one another, grow together and love one another.

Click HERE to connect to a Life Group today!


NPC partnered with this amazing organization Operation Outpour! Their mission is to spread the love of Jesus to families that are impoverished, starving, and forgotten by feeding, clothing, educating, loving, and inspiring them through the faithfulness and support of partners like NPC. Operation Outpour says they envision a world where every child and every human has the hope of reaching their full potential unencumbered by poverty, suffering, and starvation. NPC wanted to help their mission to complete their school in Mirebalais,Haiti that will provide an additional four classrooms to provide education, nutrition and Jesus to over 100 kids. When we started the "Buy A Brick Build A Future" campaign we had a goal of $10,000- we have met that goal but there is still a need. Please continue to pray over this mission and if you can help there are still bricks that are needed. We are so thankful for your support and continued progress! . Each brick is $10 and of course you may buy as many as you wish. If everyone gives a little we can do so much!  Click HERE to buy a brick today.

The Giving Point | Serve

Let's come together and serve those in our community. 

If you are unable to serve please consider donating.

The most needed items are:

-Diapers   -Canned Goods

-Wipes    -Diapers

How Can We Pray for You?

Prayer | How can we pray for YOU?

At NPC we believe in the power of prayer and want to pray for you and with you. Our church staff, leaders and prayer chain lift prayer requests up continually throughout the week. 

Click HERE to let us know how we can be praying for you today!

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