Family Life exists to equip families by providing instruction and resources for children, students, and parents, in order to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus.

The Staff and volunteers of Family Life serve children and students age birth through 12th grade. Additionally, they provide parents with resources and experiences to partner with them in the spiritual development of their children.

For general inquiry or to reach our Family Life staff please contact us [email protected]

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K-Town is all about helping kids discover who God is in their lives!


Designed to meet 5th and 6th graders right where they are.


Designed to meet highschool students right where they are.

Why Orange?

At NorthPoint, we use the color ORANGE to symbolize what it means to parent beyond capacity. ORANGE parents understand that by tapping into a wiser community (a.k.a. the FAMILYLIFE community @NORTHPOINT), we have the potential to make a greater impact in the lives of our children!